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Portraits of Strangers

I did this strangers's project four years ago, when I first started learning Photography.

At that time, I found out that photography is something that fit right up my street. It was something I always dreamed of trying. It is something that i've been searching for all my life. For now i'm proud of how far I've come in photography. The knowledges I've gained in a short period of time astounds me and gets me so motivated. But I was still seeking for validation und real challenges. Then i've come up with the stranger project.

The strangers project is a photography project that has been fascinating us for a few years ago. Many photographers did that already but at that time I decided that I am gonna do it in my own way. Because after all, the most important thing is how to define your style! This ist not a photography project but a photojournalistic project.

The Strangers Project offers a great way to motivate yourself to work on photojournalist skills as well as general portrait taking skills. We're talking walking up to people you've never met, striking up a conversation and asking for permission to do an on-the-spot photo shoot.

This kind of project reminds me one of my best quotes from House: "I'm going to base this moment on who I'm stuck with. It's what life is. It's a series of rooms and who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are."

Everyday is different. Every stranger is different and i want to share my experiences with them as much as possible. Not only have to take their pictures but you should find a way to connect with them.

 This project was an amazing experience for me. I can still remember each and every encounter I’ve had with all these strangers: how I saw them, how they reacted to me, how was our conversation... 

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