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Greece Wedding Photographer on Hydra Island: Tu Nguyen Wedding
Wedding Planner: White Weddings & Events Planning
Make-up Artist & Hairstylist: Muses Hydra Salon
Hotel: Cotommatae Boutique Hotel Hydra
Location: Bratsera Hotel  & Four Seasons Hydra Resort
Venue & Catering: Sunset Restaurant Hydra
Florist: Nikos Arapakis
Wedding Cake: Tsagaris Confectioner


It was an early summer day at sunset, we stood there in front of Leonard Cohen's blue door house. There were no one on the cobbled street, besides a donkey locked in a backyard nearby that howled a gloomy sound every once in a while and an old dog crawling through the gate. Somehow this particular memory still lingers on our mind, as much as the other playful rememberances.

Alex and Alexia brought us to Hydra, a small Greek island that oozed out authentic greek flair. Hydra is a famous weekend getaway amongs Greeks and Athenians, because you can reach this island from Athens within two hours with a hydrofoil. But still, it belongs to the most unspoiled Greek islands. Fifty years have come and gone since the day of Sophia Loren, Richard Burton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Pink Floyd, Joan Collins, Jackie O.... visiting Hydra but the island itself hasn't change anything.

Firstly, there is no car, no motor, no bikes, no bus or any motorised/wheeled vehicles allowed on this charming island - the Hydriots understand clearly the true nature of tourism. Mass tourism comes with the price of a falling culture, the price of destruction. Mass tourism is a plague on earth.

Here on Hydra, without the help of transportation, there isn't many gigantic hotel, modern resort or heavy construction can be built. Secondly, new buildings aren't allowed to build, only the restoration of old ones, many of which are from the 19th century and older. I have the strong feeling that Hydra can never be heartbrokenly and hopelessly spoiled, like Santorini - that's the most beautiful and hopeful part of this island.

We felt in love right away with Hydra, with the clear-blue sky, the dazzling-bright labyrinths of steep steps and unnamed slender streets, the ultimate stillness. We know that who comes back here over and over again (like Cohen who eventually bought a house and crafted many masterpieces there) have the same feeling like us: a crave for inspiration.

We felt the same way about Alexia and Alex the first time we skyped. A super real, down-on-earth, unpretentious and relaxed couple who loves music deeply at heart. Hydra is their perfect match. Hydra reflects their personality in a most innocent sense of the word. That's wedding photography all about, using storytelling not to express our personality, but theirs.

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