Wedding at Rocabella Hotel, Santorini

Millennials wedding photographers sure talk quite a bit about the chemistry between them and one couple as one of the most important thing when booking. They could go on and on about what are their "ideal clients", that you have to be best friends. Love and like and empathy at the first sight. Rainbow and unicorn and all.
We'd find it ridiculous.

Chemistry, passion and emotional bonding is earned, not given. If you say you're best friends with every couple whose weddings you shoot, then the word "best friends" doesn't carry much weight. If you say you're crazy about them all just by exchanging a few emails, you're not being honest with yourself.

Trust has to be built. Connection has to be established. It takes time and mutual respect and the willingness to understand each other's emotions, feelings, intentions, and needs. We like to see ourselves as a mirror to our couples. And heck yes, a flattered one! We tell their story, we show their personalities, not ours. And let us be honest, sometimes it works that way sometimes it simply doesn't. But no matter what kind of relationship you have with your couple, you work with what you got and make out the best of them. That's the definition of professionalism.

But sometimes we are lucky and we got Euna and Ehsan. Eunsan. Double E, double fusion.

Over a year ago, Euna emailed asking us to be her and Ehsan's wedding photographer and videographer in Santorini. She wrote and I quote, "We are interested in photography and videography package! please let us know if you are available for that date."

Short and straight to the point. Now this is not some lengthy, emoji-packed, emotion-driven emails that modern wedding photographers nowadays expect and use to rave about right?

But Rumi said once, "Words are just pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words."

For some weird reasons and we act out of weirdness a lots, her name Euna (We find it such a beautiful name and love how it sounds) and her short email intrigue us. We felt there are something more than that. Quick email, quick chat, contract signed shortly, we haven't skyped once from that moment leading up to the wedding day. That being said, we've developed a firm relationship throughout the year, slowly but exponentially to the peak and there were something exciting about Euna and Ehsan that we couldn't clearly articulate. Yes, we're biased that way.

Fast forward to the day before the wedding day, we met the first time at Rocabella Hotel in Santorini. Mark my words, you can expect one wedding from five minutes seeing the couple first time. Euna and Ehsan were incredibly kind, thoughtful, friendly and fun to hang out with people. Euna ran and screamed welcoming us as old friends after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed. And Ehsan, he was dancing like madness for the whole two days! It just felt good and literally we just couldn't stop putting a smile on our faces. `

One week after the wedding, we sent Eunsan a few previews and they absolutely loved it and what struck us is they went on our Facebook giving five star reviews and how they feel about us. Just right after receiving a few preview photos! Wow.

"The greatest investment a couple can make on their big day is in their selection of a photographer/videographer. We had done our research beforehand, and Tu was already highly recommended from some close friends who are aspiring photographers themselves. We loved his portfolio, and were already sold on his work. However, you still don't quite know what to expect until you go through the process yourself. Well, we have only gotten our sneak peak pictures so far (we just got married last week), and I have to be honest in saying that everything we have seen thus far has already exceeded even our wildest expectations. Tu and his crew are THAT good. They take the most perfect, yet creative pictures that capture the entire essence of any given moment in time. I was not expecting to be this blown away by our photographs, but I am, and cannot wait to see the rest of the portfolio. I will be recommending Tu to any and all of my friends who are seeking a photographer for their own special day. I just had to share my enthusiasm for his work, and also for Tu himself, who is such a kind, friendly, easy-to-get along with person. Countless guests at our wedding day remarked on how impressive, yet friendly Tu and his staff were. THANK YOU a million times my friend!

"We have only our "sneak Preview" photos, but with those alone, we can rate his work as excellent. We booked him about a year ago and despite incredible events upcoming in his own life, he still honored our reservation. He and his crew were so hardworking and dedicated throughout their time with us, that we constantly were reminding them to eat and drink as well! His professionalism was evident from the moment we interacted via email (all the way from San Francisco to Germany!), and then we had the privilege of creating a friendship throughout the year while we kept in touch planning our wedding. We knew he was good but still were blown away by the photos he sent us so far. We love him, and we plan to reserve him again (and recommend him) for future photoshoots around the world!"


Wedding Photographer: Tu Nguyen Wedding
Wedding Videographer: Tu Nguyen Wedding
Venue: Rocabella Santorini
Wedding Planner: Katerina from Wedding Wish Santorini
Wedding Dress: Novella Bridal
Lighting & Sound: Multimedia Events
Cruising Ship: Bella Aurora & Thalassa
MUA & Hair: Renia Bledaki

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