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L + Y | Pre-Wedding Marburg & Aachen

Pre-Wedding Shooting in Aachen

I met Lingshing and Yuwei almost three years ago at my first wedding ever. He was the best man of the groom and she just came to Germany to reunion with him for a few months. They struck me as a very nice couple and even offered me a ride back home.

Since then we haven't had any contact. Fast forward to August 2015, I received an Email from Lingshing saying hello and told me now It's his time. He asked me for a two-day Pre-wedding shooting in Marburg & Aachen - two small cities that held a big part of his youth. His love. And yes, I agreed immediately.

There is a reason I love photographing couple's pre-wedding/engagement so much, if not even more than their wedding day's documentary. Because It is not a shooting anymore but there are just us traveling together, enjoying the gorgeous landscape of our choice, building up an intimate atmosphere and crafting a narrative, visual story (based on mydeeply love for storytelling cinema) in a unique way that reflects their love and characters.

Lingshing & Yuwei are so calm, so friendly, so intellectual, so understanding and pleasant, either to work or hang around with. And so incredibly in love, so tender. I really mean it. They have been together for seven years and their romantic love is just as refesh as its beginning, traveling a long way from China to Hong Kong, then Germany.

Two days with them were such a delight that made me craving for more. Keep up your great love guys!

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