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Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Questionnaire For LOVE. Please do this separately. You should take the time and answer them with your whole heart and much love. This questionnaire is one of the most important things that help me create beautiful photographs that reflect you, your personalities and your story truly. So let’s not procrastinate :)

1. What is your biggest dream?

2. Where, when and how did you get know of each other? The more detailed, authentic and unique, the better!

3. What is your partner’s biggest dream?

4. Describe your partner in some short words!

5. Tell me EVERYTHING about your proposal.

6. Your biggest fear when it comes to marriage?

7. What do you like the most about your partner?

8. What does your partner like the most about you?

9. Do you have any book, novel, essay or any song or any film, artwork that has an important role in your relationship or reflects your love closely or speaks to your soul deeply?

10. What do you do for a living? Do you love it? If the world had no money, what would you love to do?

11. Your favourite films/books/songs/food.

12. What does your partner don’t like about you?

13. What was your most vivid or funniest or most beautiful memory of you two?

14. What was your most important decision in life?

15. For you, Happiness is…

16. How can you be sure when is true love?

17. What is life and purpose of life?

18. Does love wear out with time? What can we do about that?

19. The most three important things in your life?

20. Your wish for the future?

21. What would you do if you knew you were going to die in a year?

22. Do you write something (anything) regularly? If yes, I would love to read some of them!

23. Do you have any activity that you love doing? (any kind of sports or art practicing, climbing, hiking, kayaking, playing instrument, writing journals, reading book, drinking coffee, collecting things or any hobby...)

24. Some quotes about love and life that you love?

25. Tell me about the most vivid memory from your childhood.

26. What are the little or trivial or silly things that both of you do regularly?

27. What does traveling mean to you? Why do you love traveling?

28. What is your partner really passionate about? Tell us about it.

29. Tell me about a trip you've done together that remains one of your favorite trip ever (details please lol)

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