Ultimate Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in Antiparos

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Charming little Antiparos sits in the shadow of Paros, its much larger sister island in the Cycladic islands. The population is just around a thousand folks but this island is so beautiful! That's why it would be an honour to be a part of your big day and celebrate life’s big moments with you in Antiparos.

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1) How to Get to Antiparos

The name Antiparos is derived from the ancient Greek "Andi-Paros" - opposite Paros. And with that you immediately find yourself in the midst of the well-being of the approximately 1250 inhabitants of the Cyclades Island: Somehow they were always in the shadow of the big brother Paros, from whom the smaller Antiparos only separated a strait of 1.5 kilometers, 10 minutes by ferry.

From Athens to get to Antiparos island you must first reach Paros island which can be done by airplane or boat.

Air: There are frequent flights with Olympic Airlines (40 minutes). From the airport you take a taxi to the small port of Pounda (10 minutes) where you will board a small ferry for the 8 minute ride across to Antiparos. (there are continuous routes in season time, every 15 minutes). In case you have a car this is the only way to get a car or motorcycle to Antiparos.

Boat: Alternatively one can take the boat from Piraeus or Rafina (approximately 3 hours). On arrival at Paros port, you would then drive to Pounda port (10 km) and take the small ferry across to Antiparos. Once in Antiparos, the Villas are situated 7km from the port – direction West, along the sealine.

Helicoper: From Athens 45 minutes.

When to visit Antiparos

The best times to visit Antiparos are like other Greek islands: April-June and September-October. The weather is mild and most places have less tourists. High season is late June to early September, and prices will reflect that, the number of cruise ships and accommodation availability. Summer is still great though, especially for beach time and in some of the lesser known spots. The water is warm, there are blue skies every day and a fun holiday atmosphere. Antiparos has a number of stunning beaches so it is a great places to be in summer when lazy lunches and dips in the sea are daily events.

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2) What to See in Antiparos

Antiparos is the little sister island of Paros. Even in high season, things are more contemplative here. In the off-season you even have the feeling that you have the whole island to yourself as soon as you have left the pretty capital of Antiparos with its white houses and small alleys behind you and you walk over narrow (gravel) streets of the most beautiful bays on the island explored or visited the Agiou Ioánnou cave, the main attraction of the island. Most tourists come to Antiparos on a day trip from Paros. But I think it's definitely worth spending a few days on the island.

In general, the island of Antiparos is perfect to let your mind wander, stroll through the pretty streets of the main town of Antiparos and celebrate the picturesque sunsets. Well, you can do that well on all Cyclades Islands, but this applies particularly to Antiparos. Of course you can also hike, dive, snorkel or explore the island by car, but that only takes an hour at most, then you are back at the starting point. So if you can hardly relax when there are thousands of other options, Antiparos is the right place for you. I think I have rarely felt as relaxed as in the three days on Antiparos. On top of that, I found the most beautiful bay in Greece I've ever bathed in on Antiparos and we had it all to ourselves. 

Stroll through Antiparos

Anyone who loves whitewashed houses will love Antiparos. The main town is just like the island and there are no other towns on the island (with the exception of a few houses). Even the harbour with its traditional fishing boats and turquoise-blue water is beautiful and the further you get from there in the narrow streets, the more beautiful it will be. Here and there a boutique, an ice cream parlor, a bar or a restaurant are waiting. The only disadvantage (or advantage?): If you come in the low season (April / May), you will find that many shops and restaurants are still closed. I guess this is the price you have to pay for completely deserted beaches.

Antiparos as a day trip from Paros

If you have not too much time or already have booked hotel on Paros, you can visit Antiparos as part of a day trip. The ferry from Port Pounda runs every 30 to 60 minutes and you can easily take your rental car/bike with you or rent one directly in the port of Antiparos for cheap. The best way to start the day is with breakfast at Elia Kafenes directly at the harbor. Afterwards you can stroll a bit through the streets of Antiparos town, as long as it is not too hot. Then it's best to take the rental car/bike to the Spilion Agiou Ioánnou cave. Afterwards, you can either spend the afternoon at Faneromeni Beach (bring a picnic) or drive to Agios Georgios, have lunch at Pipinos and take a boat trip to Despotiko. So you can see as much of the island as possible in the short time without rushing. Ambitious people may manage to do both in one day - but then first drive to Agios Georgios and leave for Faneromeni in the late afternoon.

3) Wedding Venues in Antiparos

- The Beaches!

- Hotel Mantalena

- On the Rocks Antiparos Villa or many other Villas

- Beach House Resort

4) Best Beaches in Antiparos

All beaches are easily accessible and have beautiful, clear water and fall gently into the sea. Here is a short description of my favorite beaches:

Soros Beach

East of the island / elongated beach with coarser sand - very untouched / umbrellas and loungers are available at the Soros Beach Bar section / very stylish restaurant with bar and accommodation / Peramataki tavern above the beach with authentic Greek cuisine, beautiful views and original Ambience 

Sifneiko Beach

Northwest of the island / also called Sunset Beach / fantastic sunsets / fine sand / calm / Sifneiko Café nearby / accessible from Antiparos Port on foot across the town in 15 minutes

Agios Georgios Beach

Southwest of the island / elongated fine sandy beach with shrubs / fish taverns Akrogiali, Captain Pipinos and and a café nearby

Apandima Beach

East of the island near Soros / coarser sandy beach crisscrossed with small stones / boat launch, loungers under a shade-giving network in a small bay / tavern and beach bar Nixon / beach house restaurant just above the beach - very good cuisine, high level / charming, but unfortunately very busy

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