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Wilderness Retreats for Your Adventure Elopement

What do these wilderness retreats have anything to do with adventure elopement?

In short: Everything!

As experienced elopement photographer and videographer, we know that when you're planning an adventure elopement you're swinging between the two options: either to go in full backpacker mode, wild camping, multi day trekking off the grid or do you want a nice base for your adventure elopement? (Think: Glamping / Ecolodge / Luxury Resort / Boutique Design Hotel / Unique accommodation in the wilderness...)

Or something in the between?
How much comfort are you willing to give up?
Or none?

Remember: there is no right or wrong because it's totally personal preference.
And even avid backpackers with rad bushcraft skills may want something different this time for their elopement for a change or vice versa.

They have this saying:"Hike your own hike" - now we say: "Elope your own elopement."

But if you're on the verge of deciding then here are the reasons why you would want a nice base for your adventure elopement:

1. They're isolated, off the beaten track so privacy is assured, away from the crowd and mass tourism.

2. They have the best of the best location to offer you nature & wilderness discovery at its finest.

3. For some, getting off the grid doesn't meant sacrificing the comforts and self-indulgence. Especially for a special affair like elopement when you'd probably want to truly pamper yourself! Picture this: Go hiking, kayaking, horseback riding or whatever is your favorite outdoor activities in the most beautiful locations on earth, let's say Patagonia, then return to that base (Explora Patagonia, Tierra Patagonia, Eolo Patagonia...) to a cozy king size bed with a mattress that feels better than the one in your house, gourmet meals, and other remarkable amenities & services, all in the middle of nowhere — without you having to lay a finger on.

4. You have a nice place to do "Getting Ready" and "Elopement Reception".

5. These lodges they can help taking the elopement planning and logistics execution out of your hand so you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest. Arranging transport, finding the best secret spots for the ceremony, reception decoration, recommending & offering outdoor activities, giving advices and bringing your cultural ceremony to life... That being said, not every location on your wish list may have such a suitable base for your need so this is definitely something you have to think about when considering a location for your elopement if the base is something you can't and don't want to live without.

The accommodations that we put together in this blogpost are more than just a list of world-class, luxury lodges, sometimes it's on the contrary. But it's an unique collection of rare experiences that offer you an intimate encounter with (remote) parts of the world. Some of them are quite big and can sleep up to a larger group so if you want to do a destination wedding there instead of elopement, it works just fine too!

They gift you the opportunity to slow down and really discover the local region in a truest way. Each lodge is deeply rooted in their community and vows to follow sustainability and protect the surrounding habitats and cultures. So take a deep breath (because your jaw is gonna drop!), and go.

* All images are courtesy of the retreats listed, unless otherwise stated.



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