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Besides, our associate team has a different pricing system. Contact us for a detailed and custom quote because every wedding and elopement, every couple is different and there is no one size fits all.

Which language do you speak?
     English, German and Vietnamese. 

Where are you based? Do you travel to shoot our wedding?
     We split our time between Europe (we're based in Germanyand Asia (our homeland Vietnam) but due to our philosophy and lifestyle, we are traveling most of the time and shoot weddings & elopements all over the world. Until now we have been to over 40 countries. For us there is no place too far, no sun too bright and no snow too cold. Check out our current travel dates!

How would your couples describe your photography in a few words?
Cinematic Storytelling meets authentic, intimate Emotions. 

How long is the turnaround time? And how many photos will you deliver?   
It usually takes us from eight to twenty-four weeks to finish your wedding photos/films, depends on the time of year. We don't limit the number of photos giving out to you, but you will usually get at least 400-500 edited photos for a full day coverage in highest resolution with no watermark.

Elopement in Masai Mara, Kenya

Are you shooting digital or analog?
    Both. We have started as digital photographers. That being said, there are some parts of us craving for a nostalgia feeling of film cameras. There is something about film photography that digital cameras could never imitate. Each world has its own beauty. Choosing which medium to shoot your wedding is only a matter of personal preference and artistic taste. Yours. We offer a various range of choices from digital coverage and with extra costs, hybrid coverage and pure analog coverage!

Why is there a whale in your logo?     
For us, whale has multiple layers of meanings. For all we know, the whale, the oceans and water hold an ancient, symbolic meaning of emotional depth. They also stand for emotional creativity and the state of well-being. Despite the negative energy, we're trying to express our emotional experiences effectively and using emotional energy to go forwards and not being consumed by emotional floods. And secondly, whales symbolize adventure, nature and the force of the earth. We'd love to spend time together in the nature and be inspired by the beautiful world around us.

Do you edit our wedding photos yourself?   
Yes and always will be. Let's be honest, we outsource a lots of grunt work like admin and marketing, but editing will never be one of those things. That's why starting from 2019, we only take 10-15 elopements / weddings each year so we can spend more time with our couples - you. This is our artwork and It should comes 100% from us.

How does adventure elopement work?
In the last few years, we have captured many rad adventure elopements in different countries over the world: Morocco, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Faroe Islands, Thailand, Myanmar... Not just photograph and film but also almost always take a bigger role in our couple's adventurous journey, work closely with them to come up with a great itineraries that fits their need, personality and wildest imagination, make the best out of the (often limited) time we have. So based out of our very own experiences, click the link down below to see is the complete guide to planning your unique adventure elopement.

Wedding in Europe

I see that you also do wedding film?   
Not just also but we love wedding film with as much passion as wedding photography, if not more. Tu is a true cinephile and for us wedding film is now much more than a wedding video, if not one of the the most important things in your wedding checklist. The old times of wedding videos with awkward footages, bad lighting and dreadful color is gone forever. Wedding film is now an art, in and of itself with strong storytelling, superb visual, professional sound design, good taste in music, on-point editing, filled with real emotions and special moments. Your moments. Your story. Your love. For a full day wedding film coverage you will receive one cinematic wedding highlights film (3 to 6 minutes long). Another documentary film (15-20 minutes long) could be delivered upon request.

What inspires your photography/film?
     Love. The grandeur of mother nature. Cinema. Music. Fashion. Books. As Ansel Adams said once, "We don't make a photograph just with a camera, we bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved."

Tell me more about wedding Photo Books & Fine Art Prints?
        We bring each high-end, hand-crafted photo album/fine art print with excellent paper quality and outstanding color reproduction to life. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, my photographs and photo books reflect the utmost in quality. It tells your story, using the best photos that we’ve hand-selected in a classy and elegant photo album. For years to come, you, your partner, your parents and your kids will be able to sit down and flip through the album and reminisce about your perfect day. Contact us for a detailed pricing list!

K I N D  W O R D S

Vivian & Andy

I'm so happy that I found Tu. He was the perfect photographer for our elopement. I thought it was going to be awkward, but he made us feel really comfortable and had really great ideas. I wish I could have him capture all of my vacations . I highly recommend him if you're looking to capture genuine, adventurous moments!

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Uyen & Tu

We are fortunate to find Tu to be our photographer for our engagement trip in Can Tho and our wedding. The whole time, we never felt awkward. We were just being ourselves and let Tu create the magic. He is much more than just a photographer. Tu also helps us with ideas and wedding planning insights. He will listen to your own stories, your personality and create something very uniquely yours. We were gratefully amazed at his work for our engagement and can’t wait to see what he would create for our wedding. Besides being our photographer, we also feel like we create a friendship with Tu. We highly recommend Tu and wish to have Tu to continue being a part in our upcoming stories :)

Jenny & Abraham

It was a pleasure working with Tu from beginning to end. He’s really responsive and excellent in communicating. I felt reassured while I was in the U.S. awaiting to meet him for our elopement in Argentina. He planned everything out thoroughly way before the trip and he was super prepared.

He was also very kind and easy going. I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to have a total stranger with us for 2.5 days. Instead, I enjoyed his company and our conversations very much. Most importantly, he edited all our photos within a month! I also had a sneak preview a WEEK later! The pictures were breathtaking! I had tons of compliments that it was the best photos they’ve ever seen. I can’t thank him enough to capture the most important time of my life so beautifully.

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Hiuman & Victor 

Sorry for procrastinating until last day of 2018... but we have to say BIG THANK YOU to Tu. We found him via IG and loved his work and art in a split second. He was completely spot on and clicked with us when we emailed him about elopement shooting in Morocco. He came up with an amazing itinerary which saved us so much time hahah.

He is not just a great photographer, he is a very talented storyteller. He is a good observer that he could capture the most natural and happiest interactions between us two. He didn't like us do any pose but he would let us to interact as usual and enjoy the magnificent scenes in Morocco. In addition, we didn't feel like travelling with a stranger. We had so much fun, memory and interesting discussions throughout the four days.

In his work, we could feel so much of emotions and love. It is also our honour to be featured in Junebug Weddings. I have to say he is indeed a very talented photographer who I will highly recommend if you are looking for unconventional wedding pictures. Victor and I wish you every success in your career, Tu!

Natascha & Martin

As a perfectionist it took me a long time to find a suitable photographer for our destination wedding. But after seeing some of Tu's images online I was completely captivated, fell in love with his style and just knew it had to be him. I wholeheartedly trusted his eye and vision and choosing him as our wedding photographer is one of the best decisions I've made in my life! Tu portrayed our pre-wedding shoot and intimate wedding in Vienna in the most desirable way. Not just my husband (yay!!!) and I, but also everyone who has seen our wedding photos so far keep saying that he is the best.

Tu is a wonderful artist, a highly talented photographer and also a genuinely kind-hearted and smart person. Working with him was so fantastically easy! My husband and I just felt so comfortable with him and nothing ever seemed forced. His eye is impeccable, his demeanor calm, his nature compassionate and his presence on our wedding day was subtle, yet he captured every special moment in such an artistic and natural way. Also, he is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I will recommend him to anyone I know for their special day. Thank you, Tu. Having your photos for the rest of our lives to remember our magical day is a true blessing. Sending much love to you and your family!!

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The greatest investment a couple can make on their big day is in their selection of a photographer/videographer. We had done our research beforehand, and Tu was already highly recommended from some close friends who are aspiring photographers themselves. We loved his portfolio, and were already sold on his work. However, you still don't quite know what to expect until you go through the process yourself. Well, we have only gotten our sneak peak pictures from our wedding in Santorini so far (we just got married last week), and I have to be honest in saying that everything we have seen thus far has already exceeded even our wildest expectations.

Tu and his crew are THAT good. They take the most perfect, yet creative pictures that capture the entire essence of any given moment in time. I was not expecting to be this blown away by our photographs, but I am, and cannot wait to see the rest of the portfolio. I will be recommending Tu to any and all of my friends who are seeking a photographer for their own special day. I just had to share my enthusiasm for his work, and also for Tu himself, who is such a kind, friendly, easy-to-get along with person. Countless guests at our wedding day remarked on how impressive, yet friendly Tu and his staff were. THANK YOU a million times my friend!


We have only our "sneak Preview" photos, but with those alone, we can rate his work as excellent. We booked him about a year ago and despite incredible events upcoming in his own life, he still honored our reservation. He and his crew were so hardworking and dedicated throughout their time with us, that we constantly were reminding them to eat and drink as well! His professionalism was evident from the moment we interacted via email (all the way from San Francisco to Germany!), and then we had the privilege of creating a friendship throughout the year while we kept in touch planning our wedding. We knew he was good but still were blown away by the photos he sent us so far. We love him, and we plan to reserve him again (and recommend him) for future photoshoots around the world.

Euna's 2nd Review

When I see 5 star ratings, mostly I am dubious that the reviewer got paid off somehow to provide such a shining review. You reading this may also think that but you have to believe me, these reviews are genuine (including this one!!). Tu recently provided us with our wedding video which was shot in Santorini Greece. As you can tell from all the other reviews, he and his team are ALL about over delivering. My mother always said that she can tell from a photo what kind of sentiments the photographer may have had for the subject. Often times, when strangers take photos you, their work seems foreign and impersonal often not matching the personalities of the subjects. Tu, through his emails, questionnaires and a year long commitment through Facebook to get to know us paid off as his photos and videos feel so intimate as if he has known for ages. The wedding video still brings tears to our eyes as well as family and friends. Those who were not able to make it are able to see a glimpse of what the celebrations were like. Thank you so much for your work-- we will value the photos and videos for a lifetime. Much love to Tu and his team and his own life adventures ;) Advice: Book him early, like really early as he does fill his schedule quite quickly!

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Kate & Benji

I searched long and hard for the perfect photographer for our wedding in Mykonos, I had something quite specific in mind - every photographer our wedding planner suggested was so generic.

And then I stumbled across Tu's website and within the hour I had booked our dream photographer. We just received our wedding photos and he has exceeded every expectation. The communication is fantastic, and Tu is so easy going, he got along with everyone. Every photo he took has captured a story from our day, we are so grateful you took on our wedding Tu, despite the upcoming birth of your beautiful daughter, Alexia. You made our day, and now we can remember every moment forever. xxx

Paul & Yu

We were lucky enough to have Tu take photos for our wedding in Chamonix and it was one of the best decisions of the whole wedding. Tu was super professional and took stunning pictures of the whole day, plus some extras!

Ultimately, photos are the best and most shareable keepsake of a wedding, so it absolutely makes sense to have someone as awesome as Tu ensure the whole day is properly recorded. We only regret not having asked Tu to also do the videography!

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William & Vivi

Tu is truly incredible. He did our elopement photos in Iceland. We couldn't be happier with the final results, the photos are amazing. And more importantly, with Tu's hard work, he made the process very easy and enjoyable. At the planing stage, he was helpful and responsive. During shooting, he was passionate and positive all the time. When we received the final edited photos, we could tell Tu put in a lot of time and effort to make sure all photos are flawless.

It was a 10/10 experience, we truly thank him for his great work and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an artistic way to document their wedding. He is professional, passionate, easy to work with and simply the best at what he does. Thanks again Tu! You crafted a beautiful story for me and my wife. You are the best!

Daniel & Janee

Tu and his crew did photography and videography for our elopement wedding in Paris in September 2016. We could see from his past work that he had very artistic eye. Something we couldn't explain but that we knew we wanted. We had the backdrop of Paris and our own romance to go with it but it is hard to explain what you want to see in the photos afterwards.

Tu captured the city, the emotion of our wedding and our nostalgia for a different time. We gave him the blank canvas and he painted the picture. We just had to trust his eye and let him work. We couldn't have been happier with the final result. We both tear up every time we watch the video and we have individual photos that are absolutely timeless. I'm confident we will look back on these memories 50 years from now and still be blown away by Tu's work. Thank you again Tu.

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Turine & Luat

We never planned for a wedding film or documentary, but when we thought of making a personal film to mark our life event, we found Tu, a rare gem in the busy scene of commercial wedding photography.

His unique, unconventional way of storytelling embraces both time and space, telling stories that go beyond wedding documentary. His visuals are full of narrative, character, moving and transforming in moody colour palettes, sending us off to unexpected cinematic adventures.

L E T ' S  C H A T

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