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Which language do you speak?
     English, German and Vietnamese. Besides, Tu has a basic knowledge of Japanese and is now "trying" to learn Italian. Other than that, our hearts have their own languages. They know a hundred thousand ways to speak to your heart as fellow human beings.

Where are you based?
     We are based in Germany but because of our philosophy and life style, we are on the road most of the time and shoot weddings mainly in Greece, Spain, Italy and France. Also available in other parts of Europe & worldwide. Until now we have shot weddings in the US, Kenya, Singapore, Morocco, Vietnam, India, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium.

What kind of wedding do you take?
     Wedding Day, ElopementEngagement, Vow Renewal... Or your unique romantic/adventurous journey, you name it. Only the sky is the limit.

How would you describe your photography in a few words?
    Professional yet personal and deeply intimate. Emotions. Authentic. Attention to details. Cinematic. Storytelling. An affaire with nature and sunlight.

How long is the turnaround time? And how many photos will you deliver?   
It usually takes us from twelve to twenty weeks to finish your wedding photos/films, depends on the time of year. We don't limit the number of photos giving out to you, but you will usually get at least 400-500 edited photos for a full day coverage in highest resolution with no watermark.

Elopement in Masai Mara, Kenya

How far are you willing to travel?
     We are a wanderlust couple who loves traveling to see more of this world, doing new things, explore to fulfill our souls and enjoy our life to the fullest. For us there is no place too far, no sun too bright and no snow too cold. Check out our current travel dates for 2019!

Are you shooting digital or analog?
    Both. We have started as digital photographers. That being said, there are some parts of us craving for a nostalgia feeling of film cameras. There is something about film photography that digital cameras could never imitate. Each world has its own beauty. Choosing which medium to shoot your wedding is only a matter of personal preference and artistic taste. Yours. We offer a various range of choices from digital coverage and with extra costs, hybrid coverage and pure analog coverage!

Why is there a whale in your logo?     
For us, whale has multiple layers of meanings. For all we know, the whale, the oceans and water hold an ancient, symbolic meaning of emotional depth. They also stand for emotional creativity and the state of well-being. Despite the negative energy, we're trying to express our emotional experiences effectively and using emotional energy to go forwards and not being consumed by emotional floods. And secondly, whales symbolize adventure, nature and the force of the earth. We'd love to spend time together in the nature and be inspired by the beautiful world around us.

Do you have a pricing list?
Our wedding photography starts at €3600, wedding film starts at €4200. Our associate team has a different pricing system. Contact us for a detailed pricing list.

Do you edit our wedding photos yourself?   
Yes and always will be. Let's be honest, we outsource a lots of grunt work, but editing will never be one of those things. We would rather shoot fewer weddings per year than hand the editing process to a third party. This is our artwork and It should comes 100% from us.

I see that you also do wedding film?   
Not just also but we love wedding film with as much passion as wedding photography, if not more. Wedding film is now much more than a wedding video, if not one of the the most important things in your wedding checklist. The old times of wedding videos with awkward footages, bad lighting and dreadful color is gone forever. Wedding film is now an art, in and of itself with strong storytelling, superb visual, professional sound design, good taste in music, on-point editing, filled with real emotions and special moments. Your moments. Your story. Your love. For a full day wedding film coverage you will receive one cinematic wedding highlights film (3 to 6 minutes long). Another documentary film (15-20 minutes long) could be delivered upon request.

What inspires your photography/film?
     Love. The grandeur of mother nature. Cinema. Music. Fashion. Books. As Ansel Adams said once, "We don't make a photograph just with a camera, we bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved."

Do you have any booking advice for us?       
Please consider booking us for your wedding as early as possible, over a full year in advance should be recommended (especially for summer wedding weekend). Of course we have some free dates for spontaneous weddings or elopement (especially during weekdays) but they are limited. Bear in mind that your wedding date is only secured when a contract is signed and retainer is received.

Who is going to shoot/film our wedding?     
We (Tu & Tara) are the main force of Tu Nguyen Wedding. It's totally your choice to have only one or both of us. That being said, having two people allows us to be in many places at the same time through our the day, to tell your story from many different perspectives, views and angles. We also have an associate team, in case we're booked out.

Tell me more about wedding Photo Books & Fine Art Prints?
        We bring each high-end, hand-crafted photo album/fine art print with excellent paper quality and outstanding color reproduction to life. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, my photographs and photo books reflect the utmost in quality. It tells your story, using the best photos that we’ve hand-selected in a classy and elegant photo album. For years to come, you, your partner, your parents and your kids will be able to sit down and flip through the album and reminisce about your perfect day. Contact us for a detailed pricing list!

Could you help us out with the wedding planning in foreign countries?
       We know a lot of wedding planners around the globe, especially in Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Iceland...) as they are our trusted partners. We're more than willing to give you their contact. They are truly the specialist in their field and more than worth it.

Are you on the other social media platform?
     You can find us on Facebook & Instagram. Also do check out our fashion photography website here.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Much love,
Tu & Tara

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