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A + T | Elopement Hochzeit in den Dolomiten & Venedig

Well, what should we start?

Because this adventure started so wrong but ended so right!
 Long story short, we wanted to trek around the TreCime di Lavaredo (Italian for "three peaks of Lavaredo"), which are three distinctive battlement-like peaks (almost 3000m altitude), in the Dolomites mountains range of northeastern Italy. They are probably one of the best-known mountain groups in the Alps.

Usually in the summer you can drive all the way up to the base of the three peaks (altitude 2320m) and park your car at Auronzo Rifugio and start the trek, but we went there at the end of April without knowing that the weather was a bit bad and unpredictable this year and there were still deep snow covering all the way from the visitor centre (altitude 1200m something) to the base.

So we arrived right after sunrise. There was snow all over the place. Car road to Auronzo Rifugio is closed (obviously!) so the only choice was to hike all the way to the base (6km of distance, 1km of elevation). In deep snow. And we didn't have water-resistant snow boots with us. We were officially fucked. But Anthony and Trang were keen to have that view (well, they flew all the way from Texas, which they joked as the flattest place on earth to do this, mind you) so we just kept on going. Anyways, we can forget about the after sunrise mountain top view!

But surprisingly, it turned out much better than that. Clearly the universe has a way to settle things into places that we belong to. We enjoy the hike and experience that we've been through although it was quite rough, that we ended up using so many photos (one quarter) from this hike for the blog post. It reminds us of Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It reminds us of one of our elopement shooting in Iceland when we were traveling with a couple in the middle of nowhere in Westfjord at night and their tire flattened. All the troubles and imperfection of the journey like those somehow always end up taking the spot light, to be a big part of the story and make their story so unique, so real and so authentic, so down to earth, so them.

Today, at the time of writing this blog post, after finished editing the images and put them into a slideshow with an emotional piece of music, it still feels so unreal for us as wedding photographers. Every location is different, every couple is so different. How they feel how they act and react to me, in front of the camera on the day of, how we form an intimate relationship. How different events takes unpredictable turn to compose different, unique mood for the story. This elopement, the elopement in Sahara desert, the elopement in Kenya, the elopement in Iceland, and many other weddings and elopements... there are nothing common between them and we're incredibly grateful for that, for being able to do what we're doing right now.

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