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C + N | Intimate Wedding in Naxos

Well, there are weddings and there are weddings that left you speechless.
Not because of million dollars worth of floral design and centerpieces and crystal chandeliers but because of the people at the wedding. The couple, families and friends. Wedding guests. And this is one of them.

Claire and Nick were such a cool couple.
What can we say?

They love music. Claire is an actress & artist and Nick is a musician and they used to create music together in a band named "The Big Gone" - a vulnerable, intriguing pop pearl (sorry for stalking guys lol but I can't help it, your names are all over the internet). I love music even more than photography and film, it plays an important role in my life and I really appreciate people who has good taste in music. Claire and Nick's laid-back attitude is crazily contagious and shooting their wedding seemed strangely pleasant.

She opted out for a non-white wedding dress. No clutter. Environmentally friendly. Reception in a normal restaurant. The ceremony was held under a 5,000 years old olive tree - the oldest one in Naxos and in Greece. Naxos is one of my favorite Greek islands by the way. Chillest wedding ever with a touch of Californian vibe mixing with Greek authenticity. There were in total only 10 adults and three children: their parents, Nick's sister and her husband and their three little kids, Claire's sister (who officiated) and Claire’s brother who played live music. This is a kind of wedding that you have time to spend and talk with every single guest and get know a bit more about them and it was my favorite part of the day.

They just don‘t gave a single fuck and it still turned out to be so cool and emotional.

Hotel: Naxos Blue
Wedding Planner: Island Events
Floral Design: Moustakis Flower Company

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