L + D | Episches Liebesabenteuer in Andalusien

The thought of wanting to meet/see great artists whose talent I deeply admire has never occured to me. Instead I'd love to go to where they they've been, where they've gathered inspiration and knowledge for their work.

"Great artists have no country", Alfred de Musset said once. They were all Earthlings. They moved. And finally they found a fountainhead where inspiration kept oozing out of life and soul.

Majorca and Frédéric Chopin. Hydra Island and Leonard Cohen. Naxos and Nikos Kazantzakis. Africa and D.H. Lawrence.

We were in Ronda, Spain in early April this year. The Guadalevín River runs through this town, dividing it in two and carving out the steep, 100 plus meters deep El Tajo canyon upon which the city perches. Surrounded by lush river valleys and sitting above a deep ravine, it is a place that literally comes from a fairy tale.

From what I know, Ernest Hemingway visited Ronda quite often and even spent his last birthday here. The Spanish civil war in "For Whom The Bell Toll" was inspired and took place right on the Puente Nuevo bridge that crossed the gorgeous gorge.

Few foreign authors ever have been so closely identified with Spain as is Ernest Hemingway. He wholeheartedly celebrated all Spanish culture and lifestyle, way beyond a tourist-host social relationship or a keen observer.

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