French Alps Wedding in Chamonix

I had a chance to be Paul & Yu's wedding photographer in mountainy Chamonix this summer, a ski resort in French Alps. On the Autoroute Blanche (A40) highway, in the midst of sunny sunshine and grassy green hills, the snow-capped Mont Blanc peeked through the sharp curve on the road.

Eternal Snow.

From my limited French vocabulary, I know Mont Blanc means "White Mountain" in English. I have never seen snow so white like that with my own eyes. My heart stopped beating for a few seconds, the same feeling that perhaps could be only evoked by looking at Kilimanjaro from Lake Amboseli in Kenya. 

Sylvia Plath said once,"Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person.”

I know now how much Chamonix can mean to Paul, where he grew up.

"In 1741 two Englishmen, Windham and Pococke, discovered the 'Chamouny' valley and its glaciers. Their expedition was met by a rural population of mountain farmers, and a humble monastery. This community lived off animal husbandry and a sparse harvest of oats and rye.

Windham and Pococke explored the valley and visited the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice). The stories of their exploits, published in literary journals throughout Europe, started a craze to find out more about Chamonix."

Slowly things are falling into place. 

It was shoulder season, Chamonix draped itself over a thin layer blanket of snow. And the world under the blanket was - surprisingly, wonderfully - absolutely quiet. Perfect time to get married. 

One of those weddings where you realize things are falling into place and everything that's meant to happen is happening. Paul and Yu love their lives. They are deeply in love with each other. They are in a happy place. Surrounded by loving friends and families and plenty things to focus on. Sat back, relax and seize the moments of their big day. I felt so peaceful and calm to be here too. That feeling when you live your life following your own values and morals, doing what you think is right, you don’t follow the crowd or force yourself to fit into standards set by other people. Instead, you follow your own path, make your own decisions, live your life.


Wedding Photographer: Tu Nguyen Wedding
Wedding Planner: Monica from Haute Wedding
Ceremony Venue: Chalet Valhalla from Collineige
Reception Venue: La Cabane
Ceremony musicians: Benoit Rey
Floral Design: Fluericimes
Little Red Train: Delachanal
Transfers: Haute Transfer
Hair: Silene from Le Salon
Make-Up: Victoria
DJ: Doug Jones 

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