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Adventurous Iceland Elopement Wedding

Oh Iceland. What could we say about this out-of-this-world country? And even a wedding in Iceland???

Two years ago we had a chance to visit Iceland and at that time we failed to do Iceland justice with our images and words. So what now?

We still failed. Miserably. 
But miserably failed or not, this is our new take on Iceland, despite of how many amazing wedding photos in Iceland has flooded the internet in the last two years. Iceland is the new Italy for wedding, the most hyped wedding location right at the moment. But we truly believe that there is only one Vivi and one William. They're people who made the difference and stand out. Each photo story we did, it should be different - just like how different people of the world are.

Vivi and William.
William and Vivi.
What could we say about them?
After spending a few days with them, one thing we know for sure is to take pictures that do them justice is just as hard as doing Iceland justice, if not harder. They're the most fun, genuine, down-to-earth and amazing couple we've ever met. Shooting many elopements last year, we came to realize that for us, elopement is becoming less and less about the bride with a model body wearing gorgeous wedding dress flying in a perfect way in front of the epic backdrop, less about one single moment like kissing romantically, hugging non stop or exchanging the rings. Elopement is more about the journey you set together. The story of them as a whole. The big picture, and the landscape is just a part of it. The vivid feeling after one trip. That kind of one that you never forget and long for more. 

We flew back home and felt a sense of loss. While we mulled this wedding over and started to prepare for the next one, thoughts started to make way into our head, “why would you allow yourself to get so emotionally invested in just a photo session?” 

We always become emotionally invested in the couple right from the get go if there is a chemistry here and there, and we're not talking about physical or sexual attraction. When we meet a new couple that we’re interested in getting to know, we put an investment into them assuming that they will do the same. We're willing to get ourselves exposed and vulnerable with a chance of being hurt if they do not treat us the same way. 

But being emotionally invested in people is not what makes us human? In order to be a better photographer who takes images of people, we think we'll have to be a better human being first.

Along the way, being emotionally invested help us having so much empathy and realization of difference. We see qualities in others that we also see in ourselves, and that's what allows us to understand some of their emotions, feelings, intentions, and needs. And if our emotional bond is strong enough, it creates a harmonious counterbalance that gives their images an unique value that stand out from other wedding of ours.

So in a nutshell, we love you Vivi & William!

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