Capri Elopement Wedding

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There were a young couple lighting a cigarette outside the window in the third-story of a building right in the middle of the old square. They flirted. They kissed. The boy bursted out laughing and touched the back of her neck tenderly, rubbed his fingers lightly through her hair under the amber sunlight of July. My head got dizzy and everything faded out rhythmically like an old Italian film. 

This brings back vivid memories of how I pictured Europe when I was a little child, reading european classic novels. We hadn't been to the island of Capri before, and from what we've read, Anacapri is way more laid-back and unpretentious than Capri and It couldn't be more true. Set in the beautiful hilltop town of Anacapri, the landscape includes olive trees, lemon trees and many beautiful varieties of flowers. This is the best thing about elopement, getting lost in the narrow cobbled streets without having a schedule and just wandering taking photos of Thu and Erick around neighbourhoods, sometimes off the beaten paths.

On the wedding day, we took the chair lift to the summit of Monte Solaro, the highest point in the island, where we wanted to do the ceremony. I have to admit I also have a bit of fear of heights (I know this sounds so weird coming from a guy who's bragging about shooting adventurous wedding for a living - my fiance Tara is much fearless than me in this matter). Of course my fear of heights is not that severe to be afraid of the chair lift, but Thu - the bride was a bit terrified and really tense before getting her foot on the chair lift. And this was when Murphy's Law decided to chime in. 

If anything can go wrong, it will. 

The chair didn’t have a security latch, just a bar that you have to pull down and keep it sit still manually. Somehow that bar got stuck in her handbag's strap and dragged her with the moving chair while she wasn't on the chair yet. Luckily the security guy has pushed the emergency brake and the whole chair lift stopped just in time! Needless to say Erick and I had quite a panic attack! After that there were some moments where they were pretty high up from the ground, but she said the whole ride wasn’t as scary as she had anticipated. To say the top of Monte Solaro was filled with tourists is an understatement. Everyone was trying to take a selfie with the gorgeous view behind the fence, not something we were fond of. But after a bit of looking around, we found a secret path hidden at a small corner leading right to the edge of the cliff with stunning view over the whole island of Capri and Faraglioni. I guess because of the psychological aftermath of the incident prior, the ceremony's gotten way more emotional. Anything can happen anytime and we should never take anything for granted. Seize your days with your loved ones.

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