Elopement on Cheow Lan Lake, Khao Sok National Park

This sunrise elopement ceremony on Cheow Lan Lake inside Khao Sok National Park is everything. That one time when Megg and Neema told me they want to elope in the oldest rainforest in the world. We were so freaking excited!

WAIT... which rainforest is the oldest in the world?

No, it turned out that it's not the Amazon Rainforest! Khao Sok National Park it is.
Not far from Surat Thani and home to 5% of the world’s species lies Khao Sok National Park, Southern Thailand. Deep in the succulent thickets of this 300 million year lowland jungle, known as the wettest spot in Thailand, you will be delighted to find Khao Sok’s emerald jewel – Cheow Lan Lake, where Megg and Neema got married!

The lake stretches over an area of 165 km2 within the 739 km2 park. The water has a beautiful emerald color, which further adds to the vibrant greens of the rainforest. The lake is vast, and is dotted with few hundreds limestone karsts which jut up from the still water, remnants of what were once mountain peaks. Since its construction in 1987, Cheow Larn Lake has escaped undisturbed by the pollution that comes with industrialization and has been kept protected by the communities and organizations that value both its beauty, and its function. The limestone karsts are traces of a coral reef system that once stretched from Borneo to China. These dramatic limestone formations, some of which reaching an impressive 960m, are dense with cycad palms that have thrived since the dinosaur-era and host a spectacular array of life.

To be honest, just the accommodation in Khao Sok alone makes the park worthy of a visit. If you plan to visit the lake, staying in one of a few floating raft accommodations on the lake is a must do! We stayed at Panvaree Greenry Zone, a bit deep inside the lake and it was amazing. Situated in the most scenic view of Rajaprapa Dam, the resort is private and peaceful under the concept of Eco-Friendliness, you can easily spend a few days here without seeing any tourists (besides of the resort's guests). 

It is surrounded by beautiful steep cliffs and facing onto a beautiful river. No matter what the season, you will always find yourself waking up to behold the beauty that nature has to offer. Perfectly situated, the surrounding mountains create a flawless shade, protecting guests from the afternoon sun and making the resort very pleasurable.

Wake up to the chorus of birdsong that comes from the rainforest and end each day listening to the lullabye created by frogs and crickets. Staying in the middle of the heart of the lake will allow you to feel completely at one with your surroundings. Peaceful lake waters stretch to greet the mountains and karsts that jut into the sky yonder. One of the most serene places we‘ve ever been to!

Not only will you have the opportunity to look for an array of wildlife, but there are so many things you can do in Khao Sok! We were spoiled for choice with options such as canoeing, swimming, kayaking, exploring by long tail boat, lake safari, home to many large mammals including clouded leopards, tigers, wild elephants, gaurs, tapir, malayan sun bears and gibbons, just to name a few... Paddling through the mangroves, visiting an elephant sanctuary and doing an ethical elephant experience (cooking, feeding and bathing an old elephant named Samboon)...

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