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Surprise Marriage Proposal in Mallorca

7th of July, 2016. While we were off to Mallorca shooting a wedding, I planned to propose her and filmed the whole thing all by myself. It was extremely exhausted, being emotional and conscious about the technical aspect at the same time. Since then, this island holds a very special place in our hearts and minds, not just because we're booked regularly as wedding photographer and videographer in Mallorca but it has witnessed our very last transformation into one.

Love is not a fairy tale.
Love requires tremendous work.

Fairy tale is when good people get a happy ending. Automatically.
Fairy tale endings don't exist, but real love can be better.

We have been fighting it together intensely for 1725 days.
We're just ordinary people who are far from perfection. But you don't need perfect people to build a perfect love. After all the tough conversations, all the awkward silences, all the hurt feelings and all the emotional psychodrama, we're still here.

Because we never give up.
We love each other in our own way and we can have the life together that we want.
Not a life that anyone should get envy and jealous.
Not a life so long that one can shout out "happily ever after".

It's just simple as you said, "For every day that goes by with you, I feel happy for one more day." Just for this very moment.

Because forever is composed of now.

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