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Emotional Santorini Wedding at Dana Villas

We asked Gabrielle to describe her relationship with Jason and she wrote,

„Have you ever watched the sunrise over an open valley?“ The way the sun slowly treads over every plot of land, over every tree and bushel - the way the birds begin to chirp and the plants and the animals seem to all awaken at once. As the sun greets the earth for the first time, it‘s slow, soft, helpful. This overwhelming sense of peace and security the sun brings to the new day - that would be the only way I can describe our relationship in a few words.“

"I think it’s fitting to mention the Ancient Greek myth around soulmates as well. It is believed that humans were originally made with four arms, four legs, and were half man and woman. These ancient humans one day planned to climb Mt. Olympus, obviously angering Zeus. So enraged, he ordered them to be cut in half. Since that day, it is believed that every human spends their life searching for their other half. This search is known as ‘the pursuit of the whole’ because of the wholeness and peace that comes to the soul once that other person is found and the halves of the soul are reunited.

32.6552° N, 79.9404° W

Do you recognize these coordinates?
These are the coordinates of where we found each other. The how or the why may never be answered but all I know is that for the first time in my life I am exactly where i need to be. That whatever plans God has for us, we were meant to journey through together. I prayed for you Jason.

I remember that day so clearly: My heart was heavy, I was alone and felt broken during that point in my life. Even though I did not know you yet, I prayed for you. I prayed that I’d find you. A week later, we met. A week later, our souls found each other. God heard me that day. He wanted us to find each other. He helped us find each other.

The day I met you Jason, everything changed.
The day we met, the whole of myself fell into you, I felt my soul inexplicably drawn to you. I remember the way your eyes danced in the sunlight with the reflection of the ocean’s green. I could do nothing but smile.
That day, you pulled my heart like the moon pulls the tide.
That day, as we walked along the beach together the universe gave us its blessing. That day, our surroundings disappeared and there was only us.
That day, I knew you were my home and that I would never stop falling in love with you.
That day, my whole body felt lifted and my soul began to surge with this overwhelming sense of joy. I can’t measure or calculate it, but what I can do is vow to show you how special our love is for the rest of our lives. For the word of God teaches us that we must love not with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. And Jason, I vow to do exactly that. I will show you how special this love is. Everyday, with all that I am and all that I have.
Forever, for always. You are my counterpart, my best friend, my soul mate. And I can’t wait to start our journey together."

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