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Taranto (Italian pronunciation: [ˈtaːranto]); early Italian: Tarento from Latin: Tarentum; Tarantino: Tarde; Ancient Greek: Τάρᾱς, translit. Tárās; Modern Greek: Τάραντας, translit. Tárantas) is a coastal city in Apulia, Southern Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Taranto and is an important commercial port as well as the main Italian naval base. The once-mighty Greek-Spartan colony of Taras is, today, a city of two distinct parts – a mildewed centro storico on a small artificial island protecting a lagoon (the Mar Piccolo), and a swankier new city replete with wide avenues laid out in a formal grid. The contrast between the two is sudden and sharp: the diminutive old town with its muscular Aragonese castle harbours a downtrodden, almost derelict air, while the larger new city is busier, plusher and bustling with commerce. Considering the size of the Greek city-state of Taras, relatively few structural remains have been found. Numerous Greek tombs have yielded a rich collection of imported Greek and local vases, and a deposit of hundreds of statuettes of Apollo, presumably from the temple of that god, was found. There are also numerous ancient reliefs by local craftsmen. Most of these relics are housed in Taranto’s National Museum. Taranto’s better known Roman remains include ruins of large public baths and of an amphitheatre, mosaic floors, a house, and many cremation and burial tombs. The old city (Città Vecchia), on the site of the Acropolis of Taras on the island between the inner and outer harbours, contains the Aragonese castle (1480; later enlarged), the 11th-century Romanesque cathedral of S. Cataldo (with a Baroque facade), and the church of S. Domenico Maggiore (1302), with an imposing portal and a rose window. The Città Nuova (southeast) contains the Arsenal (1803), the government offices, the Meteorological and Geophysical Observatory (1905), the National Museum, and the State Institute of Marine Biology (1931). Borgo (northwest) is the industrial section.

We would like to say a word or two about us. We're Tu & Tara, a destination wedding photographer & videographer based in Greece, Germany & other parts of Europe (mostly Italy, Spain, France) - also available worldwide.

We're a young couple who is having an affair with life, nature and sunlight. We love art, classic cinema, good food, traveling & seeking adventure off the grid. One day at a time. Both living and working with an adventurous mindset, we find ourselves drawn to couples who share our free-spirited lifestyle.

Our passion is to create beautiful wedding photos & films that stand out. Not just something style over substance but something visually beautiful and artistic at the same time with deeper meaning and true emotion, capturing the essence of you & the story of your life. Wedding Photography is about you. Your story is important. Your love is worth talking about. It deserves to be treated individually so we can tailor our time, our hearts and souls to suit your every need.

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