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Wedding in Tinos

Hello friends, chances are you were searching for a wedding photographer & videographer in Tinos and found us here. We love Greek islands, especially Tinos! 

We have been to the island of Tinos once which turned out to be one of the most beautiful and much more than expected of any Greek Island I've been to. And it would be an honour for us to be a part of your big day and celebrate life’s big moments with you in Tinos.

Officially, less than 10,000 inhabitants live on the Cyclades island of Tinos - just like on the neighboring island of Andros. Tinos is better known than Andros and there is a reason for this: the island is the most important pilgrimage site in Greece. According to Greek mythology, Tinos is considered the birthplace of the wind god Aiolos. For the Assumption of Mary, tens of thousands of believers therefore make a pilgrimage to Tinos, or more precisely to the Panagia Evangelistria pilgrimage church. And even on non-public holidays, the old town of Tinos is like an open-air church: incense, icons and Mary statues as far as the eye can see.

The rest of Tinos is a combination of a barren, typical Greek landscape, beautiful villages and idyllic, partly deserted bays. Although there are more tourists on Tinos than on Andros, for example, the island has retained a very authentic character. If you are looking for a very pristine island with great beaches, but don't want to do without a certain tourist infrastructure, then you will definitely feel at home in Tinos. 

If you want to read more about Tinos scroll down below but first, we also would like to say a word or two about us. We're Tu & Tara, a destination wedding photographer & videographer based in Greece, Germany & other parts of Europe (mostly Italy, Spain, France) - also available worldwide.

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Our passion is to create beautiful wedding photos & films that stand out. Not just something style over substance but something visually beautiful and artistic at the same time with deeper meaning and true emotion, capturing the essence of you & the story of your life. Wedding Photography is about you. Your story is important. Your love is worth talking about. It deserves to be treated individually so we can tailor our time, our hearts and souls to suit your every need.

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1) How to Get to Tinos

There is no airport on Tinos itself. The nearest major international airports are in Athens and Mykonos (the neighboring island of Tinos). From Athens airport you first have to get to a ferry port. There are two ports near Athens: Piraeus and Rafina. If you are coming from Athens Airport, Rafina is a little closer. You can travel to Rafina either by taxi (approx. 25 euros, approx. 20 minutes) or by public bus (approx. 5 euros, approx. 1 hour). However, the bus from Athens Airport only runs about once an hour.

There are several ferries to Tinos from the Rafina ferry port, mainly in the morning and in the afternoon. We have experienced Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries. We cannot say anything negative about either provider: the ferries were on time and we felt safe. The travel time to Tinos from Rafina is between 2 and 3.5 hours - depending on whether the ferry makes a stopover on the island of Andros. For example, Golden Star Ferries offers a direct connection from Rafina to Tinos (route "SuperRunner"). From Mykonos there are also several connections with the mentioned ferry companies. The travel time from Mykonos is shorter, however the flights to Mykonos are often more expensive than to Athens.

We would highly recommend renting a car on Tinos. So you are mobile and can flexibly visit all the places at your own pace. The road conditions are relatively good. Apart from the fact that the roads are very winding, driving there is quite easy. Most of the car companies are friendly, helpful and professional. Parking is easily possible on the roadside in many places on Tinos. In Chora, however, you can only stand at marked parking lots. 

2) Chora: The Capital of Tinos

Whoever travels to Tinos ends up in the capital of the island. All ferries to Tinos dock there, albeit a few hundred meters outside of the city center. "Chora", as the capital of a Greek island is typically called, is located in the southwest. We love the island from the first moment.

There is a lot going on here - especially at weekends. Chora is particularly famous for the pilgrimage church Panagia Evangelistria, which sits enthroned on a small hill. Two streets lead from the bank to the church: one of them is a pedestrian path that leads past countless religious shops. On the other, a carpet is rolled out for the pilgrims. Believers come to Tinos to climb the pilgrimage church on their knees.

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3) The Most Beautiful Villages on Tinos

Something that we found very impressive on Tinos is that there are many small villages - all very well maintained and beautiful to look at both from a distance and up close.


If there is anything like the most photogenic village in Greece, it must be this one! Pyrgos is in the north of Tinos and we loved it very much. All Greece clichés come true here: white houses, blue shutters and blooming oleanders. There is a fairly busy place in the village with restaurants and cafes where a lot of domestic and foreign tourists bustle. The rest of the alleys are almost on their own.


The barren interior of Tinos is reminiscent of a lunar landscape. A white village suddenly appears in the middle of nowhere: Volax. Just 50 people are said to live there. Volax is surrounded by gigantic, rounded boulders. The exciting thing about it: many houses are built on or around these rocks. The village itself is tiny and quickly explored, but definitely worth a visit.


Tinos is known for its pigeon towers that have been preserved from Venetian times. You can find these very typical houses all over the island, but most of them around the village of Tarambados. If you park your car in Tarambados, after a short walk you will reach a small viewing terrace from which you have a great view of the famous pigeon houses.


Kardiani is one of the most beautiful villages in Tinos. It is quite spectacularly situated on a slope and for that reason alone something very special. From Kardiani you also have a great view of the coast.


From Pyrgos, a detour to Panormos, just four kilometers away, is worthwhile. The charming fishing harbor is home to a number of taverns and fish restaurants, which are well worth a stop and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. The port used to be used to export marble from the area and baskets from Volax. To the right and left of the village there are beaches with refreshment and relaxation.


Isternia is 13 km from Chora, between Kardiani and Pyrgos. Some marble artists live here as well as captains and sailors. But what makes the village particularly worth seeing is its spectacular view of the sea and Isternia Bay. You can enjoy them from Orizontas, for example: ice-cold drinks, salads, sandwiches and waffles taste even better with this panorama.


Steni is 11 km from Chora. It is a small, idyllic village with about 300 inhabitants. The vegetation around Steni is lush, which is why the population lives mainly from agriculture. However, the reason why I go to Steni is the enchanting Vaptistis winery. It was no longer than five years ago when the first grapevines were planted on the family's land. The center of the vineyard is an old, magical pigeon house. The wind provides a pleasant cooling at 32 degrees in the shade. It is not surprising that a good wine is produced in this dreamlike environment with ideal climatic conditions. Both the red and the white wine taste really excellent. 

Otherwise, the villages of Tripotamus, Koumaros, Dyo Choria, Xynara, Loutra, Arnados, Kambos, Fatalados are also very beautiful!

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4) The Most Beautiful Beaches in Tinos

Agios Amos Beach

Have you ever seen a green beach? I didn't, and after not knowing what kind of beach awaits me at Agios Amos, I am all the more amazed. After about 20 minutes driving east from Chora you will reach a parking lot via a winding road. Just follow the signs to this beach or to the country club above, which is also a good place for a refreshing drink or snack. From there, a rocky, unpaved path leads to the beach. There you will find an olive-colored sandy beach like I have never seen before and I am fascinated by this sight. On the left side there is a dune, on the right side the bay is framed by rugged rocks. In between, crystal clear water glistens in the sunlight. Few sun worshipers find their way here. Simply fantastic and for me one of the most beautiful beaches on the Cyclades Islands!

Agios Sostis Beach

The beach of Agios Sostis is more accessible and more visited. Although it is idyllically located in the bay that houses a small village, it does not convince me so much. A bit narrow and the sand rather brownish. However, you can drive here just to the beach or refresh yourself in the beautiful sea water from the stony platform to the right of the church. In its beautiful Mediterranean white-blue, the religious building draws my attention almost more than the beach.

Apigania Beach

I also got the tip for this beach from a local who praised it as one of the most beautiful of Tinos. I can definitely agree with her on this point. It is hidden in the west, next to Agios Romanos Beach. When you drive down the winding road, an inconspicuous sign with "Apigania" will appear at some point. A stony path leads from here to the beach: fine-grained, also slightly greenish sand and hardly any people even at weekends, although they are undressed. I don't know if this is coincidence or always the case here. I would immediately sign that this beach is really wonderfully calm and dreamy.

Agios Romanos Beach

If you prefer a public beach with the option to stop off at a tavern, just continue the road to Agios Romanos beach. Also located in a pretty bay, but not quite as idyllic as it is framed by houses.

Kolimbithra Beach

Get on the board and let the waves carry you. At Kolimbithra Beach, surfers are in the right place - of course, only if there is enough wind. But even without wind and without surfing ambitions, the relaxed, casual flair of this beach is transferred to you. On the way there in the north of the island I miss an ancient VW bus. Another pink copy stands next to a cool beach bar in the sand. Stone steps lead down to this sandy, hippy-like oasis, past a bar whose roof is adorned by two nostalgic armchairs.

Livada Beach

It is supposed to be rough and stormy at Livada Beach, about 15 minutes from Steni. It is said to be different from the rest of Tinos' beaches. Imposing, smooth rocks frame the pebble beach, the water is crystal clear as everywhere. For a summer Sunday, surprisingly few people bask in the sun. But the sea is calm, the wind is more like a light, caressing breeze. A beach worth seeing if you're out and about in the Steni area.

5) Wedding Venues in Tinos

A wedding on Tinos? As one of the best-kept secrets of the Cyclades, the tiny Greek island of Tinos is a breath-taking spectacle of natural vistas visited by a truly authentic, Greek lifestyle - away from the hustle and bustle of more tourist-driven perches, Tinos is the ideal romantic spot for a gathering family & friends for your destination wedding! But where in Tinos is the best wedding location?

Outdoor somewhere in the mountains overlooking the ocean or on the beaches!

- In one of 1100 churches in Tinos

- Renting a private villa

- Tinos Eco Lodge

- Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas

- Living Theros Luxury Suites

- Mr. and Mrs. White Tinos

6. Tips for Planning your Wedding in Tinos


Looking for a wedding/elopement photographer and videographer or questions for your wedding in Tinos? Let's chat!

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