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- Total Investment: $8000 
- Duration: 1 Year
- Limited to 1-2 spots per year 
- For beginners and seasoned photographers/videographers
- Language: English, German or Vietnamese
- Payment in 3 Installments: 1/2 at the begining, 1/4 after 3 months, 1/4 after 6 months

W H Y  M E N T O R I N G  O V E R  W O R K S H O P ?

Mentoring is for us something more intimate and long term than workshop. Relationship oriented. Development driven. We don't just focus on individual goal but pay attention to a big picture, develop the necessary skills for you to progress and self-improve. Mentoring provides a safe environment where we can learn about you like what we usually do with our couples, build an ultimate trust so you can talk about your weaknesses and strengths. Together we study and break them down and help you grow. Sketching a detailed, bespoke plan. Setting up goals, evaluate and re-evaluate in each phase. Achieving a sustainable business in a long run.

W H A T  Y O U  A L S O  G E T

- Access to our private Facebook workshop & mentoring group
- Our Preset Pack I: "Alexia"
- Super In-depth session of this Portfolio Review/Website review
- Post Mentoring support
- Opportunity to become our associate photographer/videographer

P R E - V I S I O N

- Getting know of your personality & philosophy
- In-depth portfolio review, website review. Analysing your strengths and weaknesses
- Sketching a detailed, bespoke plan. Setting up goals. Long term and short term
- Working together to help you achieve a long term, sustainable business

P H O T O G RA P H Y / V I D E O G R A P H Y  S T U F F S

- Building up your aesthetics and artistic senses
- Visual & cinematic storytelling
- Learning (boring) technical aspects, mastering your gears....
- Learning to see and shape light
- Creating a complete workflow that works for you
- Training your vision: starting with Pre-Production then Shooting, working with couples on the day of and finally, everything about Post-Production - three undetached parts of the equation.

R E A L  W E D D I N G S

Studying and shooting alongside with us on a few real weddings/elopements! (You pay your own travel & accommodation expenses). No models, no styled shoot - working with real couples on their wedding days is the best and most effective way to learn your craft in our opinion.


- Establishing your style, finding your artistic voice, crafting a consistent brand
- Defining your ideal clients and how to attract them
- Standing out from the crowd
- Making the best version out of your website
- Creating the marketing plan for your branding
- Pricing & other stuffs to keep your business sustainable


- SEO / Google - where most of our bookings from
- Get the most out of social medias (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest...)
- Elevating your clients' experience
- Networking with vendors to get more bookings: wedding planners, photographers, videographers, venue owners...

H O W  T O  A P P L Y

Shoot us an email at info@tunguyenwedding.com and let's chat!

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